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Video: Annie from League of Legends

Good morning darlings and a Happy Saturday to you! There’s a new video on the net with my Annie costume at the giant League of Legends meetup at DragonCon 2014 & the Georgia Aquarium! X3 Thank you Dre Shinwho!


YouTube Preview Image

New Costume: Asuka Langley Shikinami


new_asuka_plugsuit_bUpdate Time! Yay~! The costume page for Asuka Langley Shikinami is finally up and running. This is the costume that I made a few evenings before 2013’s FanimeCon because I heard there would be a life-sized Eva cockpit for cosplayers to pose in. XD Luckily, I had already started drafting the pattern for the plugsuit long before the actual convention so that did help me a bit in the time management department. The Evangelion hairclips and eyepatch are also official Evangelion merchandise so no I did not make them. If you’d like to read some more info and see more pics, be sure to hit up the costume page and see for yourself. :)

In addition to Fanime, the costume was also worn to DragonCon in Atlanta, Ga. Thanks to BentPic5 for taking some awesome shots!


New Costume: Idol Mima

new_mima2New costumes and updates– HOORAY! I did another classic throwback costume and this time it’s Mima from Perfect Blue! It’s such an amazing anime, I was very surprised with how many people still recognized the series at this year’s FanimeCon. I had a very wonderful time and I think I can say that Fanime still remains to be my favorite out of state anime convention. <3

If you would like to see more of my Idol Mima costume, be sure to check out the character page to see all of the photos and read the details on how I went about making the costume. Now I know why people cosplay girly pop idols, it’s a lot of fun!


Game On!

Italian friends! You can now see my stuff on the Disney Channel in Italy! <3 There’s a new TV series called “Game On!”, which is about a 16 year old video game prodigy who creates the highest selling gaming app (ever!) and is swept up to run Sunomy (a gaming giant) to bring it up to the next level!

I had such a blast working on the show and being their seamstress! The cast and crew were all wonderful and I love and miss them all. <3 Thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome project. <3

The video clip below is a commercial for the series (in Italian), you can also see me on the sofa at 0:15, I’m a dedicated Sunomy employee (and fan)!


YouTube Preview Image