Asuka Langley


Character: Asuka Langley

Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Worn to: Dragon*Con 2011, FanimeCon 2012

Hours to Make: 9+ Hours

Notes: Draped and drafted a pattern for this bunny suit, cuffs, collar, bow-tie and ears myself. :D  There’s lots of layers and boning. The reason I used stretch pvc instead of any other fabric is because I wanted to make it look more like her plugsuit.

Overall, I like how it came out! If you would like a custom one for yourself then let me know, I take commissions for this costume.







Photos by Walker1812, David Ngo, LJinto, Darkain Multimedia, Sleepy, Cosplay In America, Raydere


Bunny Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion at DragonCon 2011

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Behind the Scenes – Bunny Asuka at Dragon*Con 2011

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