Character: Diva

Series: Blood Plus / Blood+

Worn to: Miss Mascot Tryouts Photoshoot 2008

Hours to Make: 6-10 hours

Difficulty: 1/5

Notes: To begin with, why did I decide to make this costume? Well, I love Diva! She’s such a crazy and devious character that I just couldn’t resist! And with Diva being the twin sister to Saya (whose costume I’ve also made) it was really hard not to!

How I started making this costume was by taking a simple basic dress pattern which I already had and modifying it. Afterwards, I made brand new patterns for the sleeves and began sewing. It was a pretty simple costume and design so it did not take very long to create.

My third costume from the Blood+ series. I can’t believe I like this show so much! :)


Photos by Maboroshi Studios @