Mima Kirigoe

Mima Kirigoe
Character: Mima Kirigoe

Series: Perfect Blue

Worn to: FanimeCon 2013


Inspiration: I was tired of making tough girl character costumes and was taking suggestions on
my Facebook and Twitter on which super girly and frilly costume I should make next and Mima won!

I think my favorite aspect of this cosplay is that although Mima is super cute (especially in her Idol outfit), the anime itself is a dark and psychological thriller and not an overly cutesy cookie-cutter anime like the outfit would lead you to believe. Gotta love Satoshi Kon! <3


Construction Notes: I began by making the bodice of the dress using the pattern for my Miwako costume and slightly modifying the cut of sweetheart neckline to be less dramatic and to also include the ruffles. The bodice is fully lined and includes an additional layer to make the wMima Kirigoehite fabric look brighter (and less see-thru) and hides a ton of boning to give the top more structural support and shape.

When you’re petite or short and making a costume that uses a lot of white fabric, you have to be very careful about how you make the cut of the style or else it’s very easy to make yourself accidentally look like a frilly marshmallow. :C

All of the fabrics that were used for this costume were already in my personal stock/collection of fabrics, so I was very glad to actually get a chance to use them for Mima. Due to not being able to find a petticoat with the large volume that I needed and that also matched the length of the dress, I decided to make my own. …And then I went crazy while sewing it! lol Making the petticoat with everything matching and all of its layers took almost as long as making the entire dress, the production time was only a 3 hour difference. Phew! In any case, I really love how the petticoat turned out. If you would like to see progress photos of this costume, they can all be seen here on my ACP page.

The satin bows on my shoulder straps are detachable so the dress can be machine washed with more ease and less worry and the bubblegum pink ruffles on the stockings are detachable for the same purpose. Thanks to Vince of Darkain Multimedia for the microphone prop!


Photos by Joits Photography and Sleepy



Photos by Winterwish Photography