Miwako Sakurada

: Miwako Sakurada

Series: Paradise Kiss

Worn to: Dragon*Con 2012, FanimeCon 2013

Hours to Make: Around 20

:  I made the shirt using a modified base pattern and my Asuka sundress pattern to make the dress. The most tedious part of the construction process was making and sewing all of the ruffles! And I actually really enjoyed making the necklace and matching earrings, it was definitely the most fun part of this costume. The white metal flowers are baubles that I bought while on vacation years ago, I added the pearls to each one and turned them into jewelry.

Miwako has always been one of my dream costumes to make but I kept putting it off until I could find the right wig that I would be happy with.



Photos by Darkain for Cosplay Photographers, Celtic Ruins