Character: Sawa

Series: Kite

Worn to: Fanime 2012, DragonCon 2013

Hours to Make: n/a

:  I actually originally made this costume  a million years ago but I never bothered to really do any awesome photoshoots with it so I decided to remake most of it for Fanime. The dress shirt and skirt still fit great and were fine but I spruced up the jacket and I also stitched together a brand new orange vest. Unfortunately, I lost my original leather shoes in the recent move so I used a different pair. The earrings and suitcase were also handmade and painted by myself. The amazing prop gun was created by the talented Michael Aguirre (who does commissions), feel free to PM or email me for his contact info.


Photos by Sleepy, Anna Fischer, Darkain Multimedia, and Eurobeat Kasumi