Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre I

Character: Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre I

Series: The Watchmen

Worn to: MegaCon 2009, Dragon*Con 2009

Hours to Make: Around 30

Notes: This version of Sally Jupiter is from the movie when she was a part of the 1940s Minutemen group.

This costume was made through a random span of two months. The wig itself took at least 6 and a half hours to style. The earrings I made from a pair of some fierce buttons. (!!!) The glove and bracelet was made from scratch (because I have pewny arms) as well as the shorts with sheer panels at the hips. I also altered and sewed my boots to a more custom fit. The base costume was draped, built, and layered on top of a bustier.

This costume took a lot of thinking to figure out the best way to go about making it as there weren’t that many referance photos released at the time. But, I love how it turned out and although the boot heels hurt like crazy the costume was super fun to wear! :)


Photos by The Project, A.J. Pomales Images, and Eurobeat King