Character: Aya Brea

Series: Parasite Eve

Worn to: Private Photoshoot

Hours to Make: Around 10-15 hours

Notes: This is a costume I actually made back in Christmas of 2005 for a photo shoot.

I based the dress pattern off of a strapless store bought dress which fit me really well but was only knee length. I then modified my pattern to be floor length and with an open leg seam. I think the only noticeable difference for this costume is the shoes. I don’t really like the platform shoes that Aya wears since it is dated to the 90s (it’s 1998 game) so I used my own, which had a more formal skinny bow.

Also, sorry it took me so long to put these up. The costume isn’t very complicated so I wasn’t sure if I should post it or not but the folks at Games Radar liked it enough to add to their “Sexy Cosplay Gallery” feature so I thought I would go ahead and post more from the shoot for anyone else that might be interested in seeing additional photos.