Dr. Naomi

Character: Dr. Naomi

Series: No More Heroes

Worn to: MegaCon 2008, Sakura-Con 2012

Hours to Make: Around 5-10 hours

Notes: After playing the game I love how awesome Naomi is! I especially love the hair style, I’m glad I didn’t have to wear a full wig with this costume and could style my own hair.

The only downside to this costume is that I wanted to take a real drill with me but I wasn’t sure if whether the convention would dub is as a “functional weapon” so I didn’t bring one for the photos. :\


Photos by Maboroshi @ RisingSun.Net and Darkain Multimedia for Cosplay Photographers

Sakuracon 2012 Cosplay Video 1-4 by MLZStudio

YouTube Preview Image