“La Fleur de Mort”

An experimental Super8 horror short with surrealistic visuals punctuating a terrifying story.

“La Fleur de Mort” is the story of a humble gardener’s son in mid-17th century France, who dreams of one day becoming a great artist. He is desperately in love with a beautiful young noblewoman. But when she spurns his advances, he accidentally and tragically kills her. Despondent over her death, he buries her in the family rose garden and leaves town to make his way in the world. Years later, his reputation as a fine painter has grown and the young man is summoned back to the village and commissioned to paint a memorial of the family roses for the Duke and Duchess. But, as he nervously begins his work, he soon discovers that not all secrets stay buried.


Directed & Written by: T.W. Anderson

Ophelia Hellfire Productions



For this project, my biggest challenge was designing 17th century period costumes made to be filmed in a black & white format. Lady Marguerite’s dress required the most time, I made the pattern and stitched the costume myself. One of a kind pieces were also designed and created for Pierot du Jardin, Duc du Guise, and Michel the pageboy.


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